Content Policy

If there is any uncertainty, the general question we ask is: "Is this something we would see at Disney World®? 🤔"
So you want to post something on starbeam.one. What are the limits? What are the guidelines?
As artists, we are basically pushing boundaries all the time -- either our own or someone else's. As starbeam.one gets off the ground and grows, we want the focus to be more on pushing our own boundaries rather than someone else's. Why? Well, let's just say that I would rather make the news due to how much money we are making artists rather than something someone posted somewhere of a decapitated political figure (or worse!). :)
I am all for freedom of expression and expression of one's self. However, is starbeam.one the appropriate place for unfiltered expression? As we get off the ground here, we will keep things as boring as possible and say no. At the moment, starbeam.one is not the appropriate place for unfiltered and challenging expression.

Content Policy

OK, all that out of the way, as a rule of thumb we follow Midjourney's policy for content:
This means:
  • No nudity
  • No violence/gore
  • And while Midjourney does allow this, no copyrighted/trademarked material. In particular, this means:
    • No Fan Art featuring recognizable brands
    • No Celebrities
    • No Politicians
This means while Midjourney/AI will allow you to generate your favorite comic book or movie characters, these generations are not allowed for upload and/or for sale on starbeam.one. Why? Because it's copyrighted and unless you have the permission of the copyright holder to copy said work, you are technically breaking the law.

What's the Target Vibe?

If it helps, the target brand/vibe for me is "Dark Disney." What is Dark Disney? This is a great example:
Basically we want broad, mass appeal, with maybe a subversive, appropriately challenging edge to it.


We want you to be able to celebrate the innocence and fun of children. Getting back to the general vibe of theme parks this is where they are prevalent. Minors are considered any person under the age of 18. Please run a facial age detector test such as Facial Age to determine the age of your subject if there is any doubt.
Keep all presentations of children and minors family-friendly. To be safe, please ensure that all skirts, if any, are below the knee. Please ensure children are adequately clothed.
Do Not
Do not put minors or children in provocative clothing, positions, or display underwear. Do not put them in any situation that may be construed as sexual or render them in a sexually appealing manner.


At some point, we might explore a "mature" (artsy-fartsy) starbeam.one. Maybe it will be its own subdomain or new domain altogether. As we get off the ground here with our general markets, we ask that you stick to family-friendly safe-for-work material. Later, for those so inclined, we are exploring an opt-in for a Mature Market. 👍