Marketing 101: The Announcement Bot

Help Get You and @StarbeamOne Seen & Heard on Twitter

The Announcement Bot

What in the freak is the announcement bot? It's a minor subsystem that I developed for starbeam.one that was pretty much an afterthought but started to generate some impressive returns upon deployment.
It has since become a bit of a legend in its own right.
In short, the announcement bot listens to the following events when they occur on starbeam.one:
  • New product issuance
  • Sale
  • New resale listing
  • Resale
And sends the event to the following locations:

Twitter Integration

With automated postings, we have more content on our Twitter feed than other accounts with tens of thousands of followers. Not only content but engagement. Why? With each new post, the Announcement Bot tags the creating artist and buyer if they exist on Twitter. This is a very powerful dynamic and part of The Announcement Bot Legend that is currently underway. Here is an example:
Example of a sale announcement
With each tag, it is a reference to someone on the network that gets notified of an event. The announcement shows up in their notifications, and they can then visit the announcement. However, that is the first step of the ideal process that we will explore further below.

Dos and Don'ts

With Twitter, you can like, retweet, and quote tweet an announcement made by the Announcement Bot.
  • Like - This is a way of signaling favorability. It is used as part of Twitter's algorithm to know which posts to surface to others in their timeline/feed when they view it.
  • Retweet - This takes the announcement and puts it on your feed. It is a way of letting whoever follows you know about the announcement, too. It is a way of endorsing the message of the tweet and having your followers be aware of it.
  • Quote Tweet - This is like a retweet but you can add your own content to it.
Do not: Simply like the announcement from the announcement bot.
Do: Like and Retweet! Retweet that bad boy. Get that announcement on your feed so that your followers (and others) become aware of your product and starbeam.one activity on Twitter. The more followers that see your (and others') starbeam.one activity on Twitter, the more of a chance one of them will sign up and purchase your product(s), thus validating your membership as a starbeam.one artist -- and starbeam.one as a whole.
Bonus Points: Quote Tweet. This is the preferred method of using Twitter to get the word out about your Announcement Bot activity. You can add additional content which may or may not (but is recommended to) include an image. You can also add emojis and additional content to make the message more appealing to others so that they can in turn like & retweet as well. Here is an example of an excellent quote tweet:
None of the Above: Finally, an alternative is to not use the announcement bot at all and make a custom message straight from scratch or with a template that you copy/paste/replace with pertinent values and content. Here is an excellent example for your review and consideration:
Every tweet or action on Twitter should have a CTA (call-to-action) to your users to visit your product storefront on starbeam.one. This is how they can purchase your product and make you money. This is the point, after all. Making you money is how you can not only pay for food but validate yourself as an artist. Departing one's money in exchange for a license to your digital product is probably It is the highest form of recognition that someone can relay to you. It goes beyond a simple social media like but tells the world that you are worth something of tangible value. It shows recognition, support, and validation all in one transaction.
To make this a reality the perspective buyer must:
  1. 1.
    First, become aware of your product storefront via Tweet
  2. 2.
    Click on a link in that tweet to actually get to the product
  3. 3.
    Purchase the product on starbeam.one
Including a link is a very integral part of this process. If the link is not included, how will they learn of your product? Include the link and complete the process of getting your coveted sale.