🏭Featured Market

Publish a computer-generated product on starbeam.one's Featured Market

The featured market is where higher-priced computer-generated products are published.

Quick Start: So You Want to Be an Artist?

So you want to be an artist? This is how you do so on starbeam.one:

Promote Your Profile

The first step is to get your user profile promoted!

Create a New Issuance

starbeam.one follows a publishing model. This means you issue one or more licenses for sale in one of our markets, and this "set" of licenses is called an issuance.

For our Featured Market, you are given 25 Flares of inventory capacity to issue products in any form of price * quantity you prefer. As in the Standard Market, when you sell your capacity increases as reward. By default, prices start at 5 Flares for a Featured Market product. This allows for 5 Featured Market items deployed at any time per artist, increasing the chance that one of them may sell.


Each market has limits and this is the Featured Market's:

Minimum Price: 2 Flares

Maximum Price: 25 Flares

Maximum File Size: 50MB

What Exactly Are We Building?

It may be valuable to take a look at the anatomy of a product and see the different pieces of a product that is published to starbeam.one.


To create an issuance, we must first create + complete the definition is that used to define it. The definition can be seen as the printing plates of your personal printing press. It can also be seen as the "draft" of your published work. You create your printing plates (definition) and they are then loaded into your printing press to create your content along with their associated digital licenses.

Steps to Create a New Definition

  1. Optional: The following are optional but add a lot of value to your customer's experience when they view your product after purchase. See this page for how these values are used.

Congratulations on your first issuance! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰βœ¨


Any remaining questions? Hop onto our Discord and we'll get them answered for you.

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