Advanced Content: Video, Books, & Audio

Do we support Video (.mp4), Books (.pdf), and Audio (.mp3) files? Yes, we sure do! They take a little more effort and this document will walk you through the needed steps. protects your content so that only the buyer can view it upon purchase. This protects against someone simply right-clicking and saving your file without purchasing it. It also protects against bots from crawling and downloading files uninhibited as they can do with NFTs on the blockchain.

Advanced Files Are Not Supported on Standard Market

To start, advanced files are not supported on the Standard Market. You can instead use these on the Featured and Traditional Markets.

How To Publish Advanced Content

  1. Supply optional values. Like the Featured Market quickstart, you can assign additional content to add more style to your product, such as a cover and background image. See the Featured Market quick start for more details about this.

  2. Now for the tricky part. With images, it is easy to generate and provide a watermarked preview file for you. With advanced files, however, preview files are not supported at the moment. Thus, you need to make two additional files:

Assigning Sample Files for Already-Published Inventory

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