An overview of the various markets found on starbeam.one

Markets are ways of organizing types of available resalable digital licenses -- the product sold on starbeam.one. This page will walk you through the different markets currently offered on starbeam.one, as well as the ones planned for future release.

Primary Markets

Primary markets are where Resalable Digital Licenses are introduced directly for sale from authors for purchase by collectors. The following are the primary markets of starbeam.one.


The most basic market is the standard market. Here artists can publish computer-generated (AI) images for sale.

Key points

  • Price range: .5-5 Flares

  • AI/computer-generated

  • Basic Images

  • Lower prices

  • Experimental works

  • "Social" market for artists

The Standard Market is useful for new artists learning about starbeam.one and getting the hang of how it works. It only allows one asset type and that is the image. It does not support the use of covers and backgrounds like the Featured and Traditional markets.

Since the price points are lower, it's best for experimental works or perhaps series of works launched as a collection.

A neat quality of the Standard Market is that it allows for easy engagement and interaction with other artists, providing a "social" market of sorts to engage other artists. The lower point allows a cheap, easy, and convenient way to "like" each other's work without having to invest heavily in another artist.

The Featured Market is for featured AI/computer-generated digital products.

Key points

  • Price range: 2-25 Flares

  • Featured AI/computer-generated products

  • Digital products (images, audio, PDF books, text files, & videos are supported)

  • Higher prices

The Featured Market builds from the Standard Market and provides more value at higher prices.

While the Standard Market only supports images, the Featured Market support different types of products that can feature AI/computer-generated content. These product types are:

  • Images

  • Audio (music)

  • Books (PDFs)

  • Text Files

  • Videos

  • Illustrated Text (Image + text)

Additionally, as a product, Featured Market items can have covers applied to them as well as a background image. These add to the overall value and experience to those who purchase these products.


The traditional market has its focus on human-made (non-computer-generated) featured content.

Key points

  • Price range: 10-100 Flares

  • Human/hand-made featured content

  • Featured content made by digital tablet, camera, scanner

  • Products (images, audio, PDF books, text files, & videos are supported)

  • AI/Computer-generated assets may be used for covers/backgrounds

  • Higher prices

While Standard and Featured markets focus on computer-generated content, the Traditional Market has its focus on human-made featured content. If you are an artist who uses a digital tablet to create your works then this is the market for you. This is also a good market for photographers who use a digital camera to capture photographs which would then be used for the featured content. Finally, if you use a regular ol' pencil and paper and use a scanner to create your featured content, then this works as well.

Like the Featured Market, the Traditional Market supports product types. The following are supported:

  • Images

  • Audio (music)

  • Books (PDFs)

  • Text Files

  • Videos

  • Illustrated Text (Image + text)

Finally, it is worth noting that while the featured content must be human-made to list on the Traditional Market, product assets such as the background and cover may be AI/computer-generated.

Treasure (Soon™)

Expanding from the Featured Market, the Treasure Market is a specialized, experimental market that focuses on a singular theme: treasure. Here, AI art publishers create specific pieces of work that are comprised of treasure chests and what is inside.

Each artist can only have one treasure issued at any one time and cannot issue another if one is already deployed.

Unlike Standard and Featured markets, the prices, quantity, and capacity are strictly controlled by the system. Namely, quantity is always one (1/1), and the price starts out at 1 Flare ($1). Upon sale, the capacity increases by 4% and so does the allowed price. As mentioned, this is an experimental market and can be seen as a way of providing a bonus-like structure to starbeam.one artists while exploring a fun theme.

Mature (Later)

For subject matter that may not be suitable for the general (Standard & Featured) markets, the Mature Market will allow those wanting to post content that pushes the boundaries a bit. We're not looking to make an extreme, hardcore market here but more of a place where content can go if it's not exactly family-friendly.

Secondary Markets

Secondary markets are where the Magic Happens™. The primary value proposition of Resalable Digital Licenses is in its name: the resale. Up until very recently, all digital purchases allowed for sale but true digital ownership allows for the possession and resale of that digital property. That is what is allowed with starbeam.one and the resale takes place on its secondary markets.


The general secondary resale market accounts for all products sold in the Standard, Featured, Traditional, and Treasure markets.


The Mature secondary market is its own specialized market that serves as a companion to the Mature primary market.

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